About the founder

Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig

Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig
Your expert for sustainable development projects in Africa

Naomi is an internationally experienced project ­manager, coach & consultant around the topic of "sustainable, development work in Africa". As a leader, she pays particular attention to the real needs of the community. Through her actions, she sets an example with high standards and ethics and presents herself as a bridge builder who can be trusted and respected. She is an experienced communicator who communicates on a deep, emotional level. With a clear vision, she has dedicated herself to leadership in times of crisis and disaster in many countries. Even in difficult situations, she is able to make tough, ethical decisions in favour of the people & the common good. Naomi's goal is to find solutions together with the local people, and to inspire and motivate these communities for the future while offering meaningful solutions. This is the only way sustainability has a chance. Her principle is to treat people with dignity and respect and thus to change, renew and improve their well-being.

Our entire international team and I are looking forward to realising development projects, counselling & coaching for youth and women on behalf of you, larger organisations or institutions all over the world... making our world a little bit better.

Best wishes, Naomi & Team


Born in Kenya, educated in Germany & England, Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig is the founder of Better World Projects, co-founder and executive director of the German NGO Kinder- und Armenhilfe e. V. www.kidi-hilfe.de "Share love uplift Africa" and the Yehoshua Hurtig Foundation responsible for the sustainable development of the African continent. She is a human rights activist, an environmentalist and a conservationist well known as “the daughter of Africa “ who has been issued the Bavarian volunteer card. In addition, Naomi has gained decades of experience in her professional medical career as a humanitarian nurse and dental assistant in her family clinic in Germany, Africa and around the world.