Our Project Management Concept
for African Development Work

In carrying out our activities, we have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to fight corruption and how to successfully circumvent it. We invite you to benefit from our knowledge with your own projects.

Our strategy:
Corruption is very deep-rooted everywhere, that is our biggest challenge. We first try to reduce the number of parties through which money flows to a minimum. Money should go as directly as possible to the service providers and actual people and not leak at government levels. From experience, we are almost always able to spot corruption in the early stages and know how to deal with these people. We sometimes even manage to get them to change their minds by actively talking about the impact of corruption in communities before we start a project. We work in phases to minimise the risks and get rid of corrupt people when they are discovered. We involve youth in our projects. In this way, we create responsible young people who care about their continent. We are the bridge between governments, investors, sponsors, companies, organisations and local groups trying to break the chains of corruption.