Your Africa Expert Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig advises you on the topic of Educational Projects, Building Schools in Africa

Our services in the field of "Consulting for Educational Projects, Building Schools in Africa / Development Projects" include:

  • Advice on successfull & sustainable implementation of projects from the planning phase to completion.
  • Make projects sustainable in terms of local acceptance & the environment.
  • Meetings & consultations with the sponsors / investors / governments.
  • African etiquette: What to consider culturally (customs & traditions)?
  • How do I involve the local African community & government?
  • How do I avoid corruption?
  • Mini & intensive Seminars

Our way of working & expertise

Educational projects in Africa

Seit zwei Jahrzehnten engagieren wir uns für Bildungsprojekte in ganz Afrika. Wir verbessern, entwickeln, stärken und bauen Schulen von der Primar- und Sekundarstufe bis hin zu Berufsbildungszentren selbst in den entlegensten Gebieten Afrikas. Wir sind uns der Bedeutung von Bildung für den Einzelnen und den Kontinent als Ganzes bewusst und weiten sie auf behinderte Kinder und Erwachsene aus. Durch die Stärkung der Bildung kann Afrika im globalen Wettbewerb bestehen.

For the past two decades we have been involved in educational projects across Africa, improving, developing, strengthening and building schools from primary and secondary levels to vocational training centers in even the most remote parts of Africa. We recognize the importance of education for individuals and the continent as a whole, and extend it to disabled children and adults. By strengthening education, Africa can hold its own in global competition.

Your project manager for
Educational Projects, Building Schools in Africa

Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig

We ensure that children receive a basic education, are free from exploitation and abuse, and are allowed to be children. We are strongly committed to the education of girls/women in the community to minimize early age marriage and other social injustices. We emphasize vocational training with the necessary skills and guidance for young people as an alternative in education to improve the social economy in the communities.

We are the bridges needed to connect governments, donors, parents and the students to achieve the best performance.

Our mission is to discover the marginalized communities and guide them to engage in education with your support and also to mobilize and work with community leaders from all departments, institutions, as well as with community residents.

We then identify the challenges, develop community-level interventions to address them, and a plan to assess the effectiveness of these interventions.
Together we collect information, create and develop new ideas.
This is achieved through personal coaching, classroom teaching, dialectical discussions with the communities, team-based problem solving, a structured field-based approach that allows for local stakeholder involvement, monitoring of ongoing projects and interactions with diverse community residents. These activities begin with a series of orientation sessions. A module will be designed to be integrated, with a teaching component, field visits to the practice area will be encouraged for direct contact with people, thus also encouraging students in Germany to have the opportunity to get to know Africa through the student exchange Program for sustainable development and cultural tours.