Cultural mediator for
governments, companies & NGOs

Our job is to identify a suitable project of your choice through the  local community based organizations or groups across East Africa. We have found that most of the projects, industries and developments are located  in the tourist regions next to the lodges, hotels, big towns and cities leaving a big gap for the people in the rural areas. The consequences are severe: After acquiring an appropriate education, young people leave the villages in search of jobs in big cities or at least small towns. They move to the slums because it's cheaper to live there in search of jobs. Sometimes they choose to live there while sending good parts of the earned money home. Those who do not get jobs participate in gang activities such as robberies, drug dealing, etc. Some become very depressed from illicit alcohol and drug use living on the streets. These young people are exploited by their politicians with handouts to bring more people into the slums for the benefit of corrupt politicians who bribe them to cause chaos when needed.  In the worst cases they are the same youth people used by extremists and rewarded with lots of money to join groups like Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, etc.  When there is no hope for the future in the country, young people use all means to survive and even to escape. This can be stopped by governments, investors, organizations and donors supporting the youth in the villages to create jobs for them. There is not an African who would risk her/his life leaving the continent in search of green pastures elsewhere if there were more equality.

"The world cannot be at peace when Africa suffers"

Our team is here to find appropriate solutions. As a mediator, we are ready for an open dialogue on this matter. We have worked for refugees in the Darfur refugee camps in Sudan,  Dadaab in Kenya, and we have also recruited women and youth in Rwanda with projects that provided solutions to their problems. With very limited financial capacity we have reached more communities than we expected and successfully indirectly or directly contributed to the development of East African countries.

"The daughter of Africa holds a bull by the tail“

Through participating in TV shows, Naomi has used the platform to unite people and bring different perspectives on many challenging issues on the table. For example, she invited women from different ethnic groups to discuss polygamy in Africa. People in Africa should be able to make their own decisions as far as possible. In this context, it is necessary to challenge and support migrant NGOs and diasporas, since the projects are likely to be more effective, appreciated and respected by the communities than the projects of a European with a suitcase full of money.

Areas of our engagement in this matter are:

  • asylum seekers
  • High unemployment
  • Increase in crime
  • refugees issues
  • drug problems
  • preserving natural resources
  • gender equality
  • prevention the child exploitation and abuse
  • women‘s rights and empowerment
  • garbage disposal and recycling
  • climate change issues
  • better health care
  • fighting corruption
  • encouraging eco-tourism
  • poverty alleviation
  • Pushing back against extremist groups
  • Education