Your Africa Expert Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig advises you on the topic of Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Our services in the field of "Consulting for Environmental Protection & Sustainability / Development Projects" include:

  • Advice on successfull & sustainable implementation of projects from the planning phase to completion.
  • Make projects sustainable in terms of local acceptance & the environment.
  • Meetings & consultations with the sponsors / investors / governments.
  • African etiquette: What to consider culturally (customs & traditions)?
  • How do I involve the local African community & government?
  • How do I avoid corruption?
  • Mini & intensive Seminars

Our way of working & expertise

Environmental protection and sustainability in Africa

Problems and approaches to solutions are addressed through transdisciplinary problem solving that involves motivational speaking, integrating diverse people, and organizing communities by mobilizing all of their resources. They begin by solving the challenges they have identified and that exist in the communities. My role as a mediator is to mobilize and work with community leaders across all departments, institutions and residents of the communities. We then identify the factors responsible for these challenges, develop community-level actions to address these factors, and a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.

These activities begin with a series of orientation sessions and are accomplished through personal coaching, classroom instruction, dialectical discussions with communities, team-based problem solving, a structured on-the-ground approach that allows for the involvement of local stakeholders, monitoring of ongoing projects, and interaction with diverse community residents.  For optimal results, we design an integrated module with a classroom component and field visits that encourage direct contact with people.

Your project manager for
Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig