Africa: Known & Unknown

Exchange and Awareness Raising Programmes

"Better Together" - Our services

In Germany, we participate in many discussions about Africa and are an active voice in African development. In order to bring our cultures closer together and to reduce problems of understanding, we offer the following services:

  • Advice on humanitarian and economic disasters in African countries, for women's rights - human rights issues and in cases of persecution of minorities
  • Advice on political decisions in Germany with reference to Africa.
  • Information and counselling for African families in Germany
  • Coaching for all women to strengthen their self-esteem
  • Student exchange between Africa and Germany
  • Lectures and presentations about Africa
  • Awareness-raising seminars on racism, discrimination and bullying for schools and other institutions
  • Cultural exchange, music & dance
  • Counselling for African women's groups in Germany
  • Counselling and support in asylum and immigration procedures and improving health by counselling women from Africa on issues of genital mutilation and women's rights

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.
Yours truly, Naomi & Team