Founder, Naomi Kirsten-Hurtig

Your expert for development projects in Kenya & Africa
Consulting, coaching, project management

Value-based development work:
ethical & sustainable

For successful & sustainable projects, we use our extensive relationships with local government & CBOs (community based organisations) e.g. politicians, church leaders, business people.... Our connections range from the highest levels of government to smaller communities. If you need information or services on sustainable development work in Africa, we are at your service. Our experience gained over the years is characterised by German work values, open communication, transparency, trustworthiness, efficiency, perfection, timeliness, consistency and responsibility.  Coupled with African enthusiasm, authenticity, dignity & respect, we have all the means in hand to implement successful development projects. We look forward to your enquiry.


Our principle: Successful TOGETHER with the community

My team and I ensure that projects are corruption-free from the start by involving the government to check all legal documents. We ensure that projects are constructive & future-proof, do not harm communities and meet cultural resistance, especially when aid comes from abroad. We carry out projects to the satisfaction of our clients, working with local and international organisations as needed to achieve better results. We engage local communities to improve economic development, job opportunities and prevent brain drain & migration.

Better World Projects
Sustainable development work

Overview - All our services


Expert Kenya & African Development Work
Educational Projects, Building Schools
Cultural mediator for governments, companies & NGOs
Consulting for International Cooperation
      > Development Aid Grant Management
      > Representation for Kenya & Africa in Germany / Worldwide
      > Mediator & Peacemaker for Social Crises
      > Bridge-building Kenya-Germany
      > International Election Observer
Development Projects for Youth & Women
Environmental Protection & Sustainability


Educational Projects, Building Schools
Development Projects for Youth & Women
Environmental Protection & Sustainability
Medical Outreaches


Leadership Development: African Youth
Leadership Development: Women
Orientation programmes
Team Building Seminars
Exchange and Awareness Raising Programmes
Coaching for Children, Youth & Women


Cultural trips
On-site Orientation Programmes

Our services in Germany 🇩🇪

For municipalities

  • Counseling in humanitarian and economic disasters in African countries, for women's rights - human rights issues and in cases of persecution of minorities
  • Counseling on political decisions in Germany with reference to Africa and Africans
  • Information and counseling for African families in Germany
  • Coaching for all women: strengthening self-esteem

For schools

  • Student exchange between Africa and Germany
  • Lectures and presentations about Africa
  • Awareness seminars on racism, discrimination and bullying for schools and other institutions
  • Cultural exchange, music & dancing

For African women in Germany

  • Counseling for African women's groups in Germany

Asylum/immigration issues

  • Counseling and support in asylum or immigration procedures
  • Improving health by counseling for women from Africa on questions of genital mutilation and women's right