Medical Outreaches in Africa

Organisation of medical aid missions on the ground in Africa

As a humanitarian nurse, I know how to deal with large numbers of stressed patients and overwhelmed colleagues with limited resources. Especially when dealing with limited resources, we are flexible and adaptable. We take care of administrative tasks, organise medicines as well as medical care. Our experience spans many humanitarian health operations and community outreaches. We recruit local health workers who work with authorities and local groups. We organise mother-child care programmes, hygiene protocols and other important solutions in the communities.

Organisation of mental, holistic care

We have provided basic health care to people in emergency situations for many years. We are aware of the challenges caused by natural disasters, man-made emergencies both related to climate change and conflict, especially food crises and families in economic and social crises. In times like these, we provide stress management counselling & holistic care for those affected in the most difficult circumstances.