Leadership Development: Women

Women Projects in Africa

For a community to be successful, women and girls needs to be coached in leadership. Sometimes it’s necessary to listen to the women alone to be able to solve the problems in poor communities. Being a voice to the voiceless by making the women participate in PLA (Participation Learning Action ). This engages them, create a safe and fun way for them to share their knowledge and to construct their own solutions to the problems they are facing. By doing this, the diversity in terms of ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion and socioeconomic status in a community is understood. We work for the welfare of women and children ensuring sustainable projects. We are committed to deliver community based development initiative, in a sustainable way, to ensure adding value to the people we serve. Our presence in developing countries enables us to respond immediately to local issues and tailor our services to the targeted communities needs.


Success in our local Masai community: Our wonderful Masai primary school teacher